Evaluation of nanoecotoxicity studies


Reliability and relevance are equally important in the assessment of chemicals, therefore the evaluation result should be based on a combination of the two. The framework for the evaluation of ecotoxicity studies was developed by Moermond et al. 2016, with nano-specific guidance developed by Hartmann et al. 2017. The method is called nanoCRED, CRED is short for Criteria for Reporting and Evaluating ecotoxicity Data.It consists of reliability and relevance criteria. The evaluation can be performed using the excel-sheet found in the Moermond paper, or using the SciRAP tool below.

Detailed instructions for the SciRAP-tool are available for download in the menu to the right.

NoteYou have to scroll down to see all the criteria under each tab. Click the green "export to excel" button at the bottom right to generate a summary of your evaluation. This is an open access web-tool and your selections for the criteria will be saved on your computer/device until you press "reset form".


References: The nanoCRED evaluation method Hartmann et al. 2017; Moermond et al. 2016 (open access). 

Contact: Marlene Ågerstrand, marlene.agerstrand@aces.su.se

Stepwise instructions for evaluating reliability and relevance of ecotoxicity studies can be found here

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